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10 Tips on how to decorate your wedding venue

Here are ten simple tips on how to decorate your venue to make it personal and look attractive. These tips will help you spark ideas so that you can individualise your day and your venue.

1) SIGNS At the entrance of your wedding reception having a sign to let your guests know where to go, this is a very eye informative. This can be for table seating plans, information about the day, photographs or a signature booklet where people can write messages. Displaying this at the entrance of your reception makes people feel welcomed and it is a nice way to begin the second part of your wedding day. You can personalise these signs to fit the theme of your wedding and add a personal touch.

2) Matching centrepieces:

People will be sitting at a table for a couple of hours and the theme of the table will stand out to all of your guests. People usually add flowers to the tables and each table has the same layout. To make your tables eye catching why not match the colour of your flowers with some cutlery or decorations on the table? For example you can have pink flowers with pink glasses or serviettes. Ensure that the theme of your wedding stays the same throughout the day, try to stick to 1-3 colours you don’t want to over whelm your guests with too many colours. Although, in some cases having multiple colours can give of a nice effect, this is all down to the bride and grooms preference.

3) Photo backdrops:

Have a section at your wedding reception where people can gather to take nice photographs. There are many different styles of backdrops you can go for; you can be creative with these. Most people go for a flower wall, balloon backdrop or a photograph design which is created by the bride and groom who can include the date, photos and a message. Think outside the box with your backdrop, why not make it stand out and be eye catching? The majority of your guests will take advantage of your backdrop and have photographs there. You can even add props for your guests to make it more fun!

4) Mood Lights:

Dramatic mood lights can change the whole atmosphere of your chosen wedding venue. When you find your perfect venue it can sometimes be difficult to picture what it will look like on your wedding day as so many little features can bring together a venue, making it look completely different on the day. Mood lights can be purchased for a reasonable price at entertainment stores or online at websites such as amazon and eBay.

5) Re-using products:

Re-using products and using them as a pot/base, gives a nice sentimental feel to the venue. Simplicity is always effective at events. You don’t want to have too many big decorations. The smaller, simple decorations are always the most visually pleasing. For example, you can use old, rustic tins as a small flower pot and place these on tables around your venue. Alternatively, you can use Mason jar’s as a candle base and add these around your venue and place small flowers either side of the jar. Don’t overthink the design of your venue, use what you already have and add to it!

6) Name tags:

Name tags are usually essential at weddings when it comes to a seating plan, majority of weddings have anywhere from 25 -200 guests who all need to be seated. If you would like to go for a modern approach, you can have simple name tags placed on the table in a cursive or sans-serif font. You can also make name tags out of old fashioned tags and personalise these. Be creative! You don’t have to simply have a name on a small piece of paper; you can make whatever you want. Remember… it’s your day!

7) Twinkly fairy lights:

Your venue may already have this accessory, if it doesn’t you can purchase simple fairy lights and place them across walls to give your venue that ‘magical’ feel. When the evening part of your day begins the lights will have a big impact on your venue, giving you the perfect lighting and atmosphere to dance the night away.

8) Wedding favours:

Wedding favours are not everyone’s cup of tea, they can make your table look more presentable and put a smile on your guest’s face. Popular wedding favours are small bottles of alcohol. However, think outside of the box! If your thing is spice, why not give your wedding guests a small pot of spicy sauce with a variation of flavours. If your thing is chocolate, why not give your guests a small chocolate bar on their table?

9) Rustic boxes with decorations:

Do you want to add something a little different to your wedding? Gather some old wooden boxes or purchase some second hand through online retailers. Use alcohol bottles (Such as Gin, Vodka etc…), place flowers or candles inside the bottles. Have photo frames between each of the bottles in each box and create a layout where it stands out. Instead of using boxes you can also use other products for this design. If your wedding is based outside, you can use stacks of hay or smalls tables!

10) Photograph line

Tie a piece of string on the side of a wall at your venue or in the corner and attach printed photographs on the line with small wooden pegs. Some people choose to do this in black & white as it looks more effective. This is something your guests would like to have a look at. Use memories to make yourself and your guests smile.

At first organising a wedding may seem like it will take you forever. Once you have the main factors done (date, venue and timings) all the other parts is just a case of adding little details to the day. Here at Park Wood we have an experienced events team who can guide you in the right direction to find suppliers and design our venue. For more information on how to book a wedding viewing please contact us on: 01959 577744 (4) or

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