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How to find a Wedding Dress

You’ve got to that next step in your wedding planning. The venue has been chosen and it is now time to put together all of the little details that will make your day amazing.

Some people prefer to pick their wedding dress first; some people prefer to pick the dress last. It’s all down to personal preference. Are you struggling with where to find your perfect dress? A lot of people travel miles to find their perfect wedding dress and this may be looked at as an old tradition, although is still a popular choice for many people. In contemporary society social media and the internet is such a huge part of our everyday life we barely even need to leave the house to find clothing.

However, a wedding dress is a very special outfit which you will have hundreds of photographs in, you want to make sure that you look good but also feel comfortable. Looking online for a wedding dress is absolutely fine, but you need to ensure it fits and can be tailored to your size.

Before you search online for ‘wedding dress shops near me’ have a look through social media. A lot of people create wedding dresses and run their own company through social media sites such as Facebook. Also, people tend to share wedding dresses (shops, people, companies or second hand) on Facebook groups and pages. Here are a few examples of some popular Facebook groups where you can find wedding dresses local to you.

Facebook groups: - Wedding dresses for sale UK (Group). - Wedding dresses and items for sale in Kent (Group). - Wedding dresses (Page).

As well as these Facebook pages and groups, also have a look at ‘Facebook market place’. This section of Facebook allows you to narrow down your search to ‘near you’ where it will locate wedding dress sellers within a 25 mile radius. You can alter these settings to suit your preference.

Park Wood Golf Club is a popular wedding venue for both local residents and people who travel a fair distance just for our venue. We are a stunning new venue which has over 180 acres of land looking over the beautiful views of Kent, Surrey and London’s skyline. Local to our venue we have multiple wedding shops where you can have a browse and look at your potential wedding day dress.

Similar to social media, you can have a look online at a few of their dresses to have a sneak preview of what they sell or you can just walk into store and have a look at their options. Some of these companies are private and based mostly online. Click on the links provided for some more details on how to arrange a dress viewing.

Park Wood Wedding venue is based in Westerham (Tatsfield), Kent. Here are just a few examples of some of our local wedding dress suppliers. You can find many more online through search engines such as Google.

5 Wedding dress shops near us: - Clementine bridal boutique (Westerham) - Dress maker Jacqueline (Westerham) - One bridal boutique (Riverhead, Sevenoaks) - Dress Dreams (Sevenoaks) - Victoria’s bridal boutique (Orpington)

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