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How to find a wedding venue

You’ve got the date in the diary and it’s now time for the most exciting part! Where you will be getting married.

With hundreds of UK venues to choose from, where do you even start? The venue needs to be right for you. Majority of Wedding venues have promotions on all year round but won’t advertise directly on search engines such as Google. Begin your search through social media groups and the search tool. Organise viewings of different types of venues such as traditional styles, churches, sport clubs and modern venues. After viewing a few types of venues you will know which type of wedding is well suited to you. Some venues, such as Park Wood Golf Club offer a few categories in one, such as a new, modern venue with beautiful surrounding views.

Wedding Reception

Facebook -> If you are thinking about getting married in Kent, search for Kent weddings and a variety of groups will appear with thousands of members and companies who share offers on venues and products. ( ).

Twitter -> Firstly you can search for hash tags such as #weddingvenue or #kentvenue which will show companies advertising their recent promotions in the last few months. Also, search for key words like ‘kent venue’ and a variety of tweets will appear. ( )

Instagram -> Instagram is a bit more difficult as a lot of wedding venues are not advertised as just wedding venues. You want to search for local Golf Clubs, sport clubs, hotels and halls as these venues are usually a lot cheaper than just wedding venues and can offer huge discounts and package deals which can be suitable for your wedding day. ( ).

Park Wood is a newly refurbished based venue which is easily accessible from Surrey, London or Kent. The newly refurbished club house has been a huge success with the wedding industry due to the location being hidden in the hills with 4 large function rooms to choose from. Remember a lot of venues aren’t based in just one location, so don’t search for just ‘South London wedding venue’ as you will only get to see a selected few. Put time into your research and you will find so many more venues! All viewings are free so try and attend as many as you can! You will be treated well at wedding venue viewings, bring your whole family! Why not make it into a day out?

Lastly, do not make any rational decisions. You’re not going to pick your venue overnight, you need to weigh up the positives and negatives of each location you visit and have in mind what your venue will look like once it has all been decorated. Ask the events team as many questions as you please, they will be more than happy to answer all questions. Remember, this is your day!

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