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10 Tips on how to write a wedding speech

When it comes to writing a speech for a wedding, traditionally the groom, best man and father of the bride are the people to say a few words on your special day. However, this can be looked at as outdated in our modern, contemporary society. Here are a few pointers on how to begin planning your wedding day speech or how to think of a speech for a friend or family member who is newly engaged.

1) Childhood memories

Begin your speech from a few years ago or 25 years ago to when the groom or bride was a child. It’s always funny to try and embarrass the couple so they feel awkward! This won’t happen easily, so think outside of the box. Tell everyone a secret that only you may know!

2) How the couple met

Go back to when they first met; this could have been on a night out, at work or anything! A lot of people at the wedding won’t be aware of how the couple met, so let them know!

3) The stress of organising the wedding day

Organising a wedding is usually not too stressful until a couple of weeks before when it’s putting little things into place. Tell a story on how the bride or groom got so stressed over something so small! Now they can breathe…

4) Stag do / Hen Do

These nights/days out are usually very messy! I’m sure you will or have got up to some trouble…. Why not make a little comment about what happened? But remember what happens on the hen/stag do, stays at the hen/stag do!

5) Holidays

Holidays are usually a fun, relaxing time but everyone has had a moment on holiday which will stay with them for the rest of their life. Let the crowd laugh with you about your memories.

6) Deep, meaningful words about your friend / family member

The person getting married today is obviously very special to you; otherwise you wouldn’t have the privilege of standing up on their wedding day. If you’re the groom this can be about your wife / husband. Now is your time to shine and get in the good books of the happy couple. Say some nice words about how they make you feel.

7) The proposal

Not everyone at this wedding will know the story on how the groom or bride proposed. Everyone has different ways of proposing to someone. Some people are very traditional and take the other person out somewhere nice or even abroad! Also, some people like to do it ‘in the moment’. Either way, everyone loves to listen to romantic stories.

8) How the day has gone

Although you will be writing this speech way in advance (hopefully), most people in speeches say how the day has gone so far, how beautiful it is and what is still to come. You can write down brief notes about this and adapt them on the day.

9) A few words on behalf of loved ones who can’t be here today

Nearly everyone has lost someone close to their heart. It’s always a nice idea to make people reflect on a lost loved one who would have loved to have been at this wedding. Your aim is to make people smile and think about this person.

10) Thank everyone for coming

A lot of people would have travelled a fair distance for this day. Shout some people out who may have drove for hours or even had to fly to be here today.

Once you begin your speech, words will naturally come to mind. These pointers will hopefully point you in the right direction. Good luck for your speech and remember don’t be nervous! Everyone at the wedding will laugh at your jokes even if they’re not that funny!

Are you ready for your big day? Want some help organising your day? Contact us today to arrange a viewing of our spacious, luxurious venue.

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