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10 #Tips for the #Groom

Are you taking on some responsibility for the your #wedding day?

Men’s involvement in weddings is definitely on the rise and in some cases men are doing most of the organising. This blog is aimed at how a #groom can physically & mentally prepare for a wedding. Here are 10 top tips picked out by Park Wood Golf Club.

1) Practice makes perfect There can be a lot of details for a wedding that have to be perfected on the day, this can be anything from what you look like, what you say and what to do on the day. As long as you practise, you will be fine! You can even practice what you look like… Want to have the perfect shaved beard? A month before the big day, try a few different shave styles and see what works best for you. When you are writing your speech, practise it over and over again until you know every word of by heart, without messing it up.

2) Voice your opinion

Your partner has most likely already planned the majority of the day, there can be lots of things to add on to your day, the smallest details are always the most effective. Have a say in what band/DJ you would like to hire, what food you want to have on the day or how the day should be set out. This is also your wedding, make sure it’s a joint effort!

3) Manage your mates Everyone knows what the lads can be like when it comes to a party or being organised. Make sure that you are in control of your friends for the big day. Plan what time they have to be in places and what to bring, don’t let them be the reason why things may go wrong.

4) Get sentimental

This is the perfect opportunity to win your fiancé over and really show her how much she means to you. Send her flowers on the morning of your wedding, add little surprises on the day such as her transport for the wedding, a special guest, gifts or make a video for her! She will remember these moments for the rest of her life... make it count!

5) Surprise post-wedding

Your honey moon was most likely a joint effort. However, why not go the extra mile and add something extra to your honey moon and arrange all of it way in advance. Why not do a life-changing experience on your holiday or upgrade to a 5* hotel. Tell your wife these surprises on the wedding day or leave it right until you are on holiday. The special moments are only the beginning of your new life.


You should know having a stag do a couple days before your wedding day is a BAD IDEA. You need to ensure that you have at least one week to recover from your #stag do. Stag do’s are usually very messy and anything could happen, your partner would not want you turning up to your wedding day with cuts, bruises and a rash from alcohol. Plan your stag do way in advance so that it doesn’t interfere with the wedding.

7) Including jokes into your speech

When you are writing your #speech, it’s always a nice idea to add some humour into your speech but you need to make sure you’re not trying to be a stand-up comedian… Leave that to the best man! Tell some jokes about how you and your fiancé met, holiday moments or anything that makes you laugh or smile.

8) Turn off your phone!

In today’s world everything is broadcasted over social media and it tends to ruin things. From the very start of the day hand over your phone to your best man so that you’re not tempted to scroll through social media and see what people look like, message your partner or post photos of yourself! People will be taking photos of you all day, leave the capturing memories to them!

9) Drink & Eat well

The build up to your big day can make you feel nervous and it’s easy to drink lots of beer or get takeaways on the lead up to your wedding. It’s proven that junk food and fizzy drinks are not good for your skin and appearance. If you drinks lots of water and eat clean, healthy food the week or two before your wedding, you will look a lot better than usual! Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day.

10) Backup plan!

If you have planned a lot of elements to your #wedding such as the transport, rings, decorations, food or anything, make sure that you have a backup plan! It’s most likely that everything will go perfectly but it’s always good to have a backup plan. If anything goes wrong, it will be your fault! Your future wife will not let it go… be prepared!

Blog post’s like this one are usually aimed at the #bride and will provide her with beauty tips and how to arrange the special day. However, in contemporary society more males are taking charge and same sex marriages are happening just as often as heterosexual marriages. Your wedding venue will always be able to give you advice and will ensure nothing goes wrong on the day. The best thing that you can do is keep in contact with your organiser and always ask a question if you feel stuck. Park Wood Golf Club has a venue wedding planner who will help organise every little detail for your wedding. If you would like to have a free viewing at our venue and have a chat with our wedding planner, get in touch today.

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