Just got engaged? Here is where to start.

Planning a wedding can be an immensely rewarding experience – but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one. Planning your wedding should be fun, this is going to be the best day of your life, let the events team at Park Wood make that possible. In fact, many, if not all, brides find themselves overwhelmed as they attempt to juggle their personal lives on top of planning one of the most significant events in their lives. That’s where the wedding party comes in. Here at Park Wood we can help make your day as amazing as it should be. Let us do the work! You can design our venue how you please with choice of function room sizes, style, buffet choice, music and lay out! You decide – we make it happen.

So… where to even start with planning your wedding? First of all find a date that suits both of you. Are you winter people or summer people? Winter weddings can be beautiful in the cold spring or snowy January with snow surrounding your white dress or suit. This is the most important thing as your whole day will be altered around the weather. If you fancy getting married on a hot day then you want to find a venue that will allow people to be both inside and outside. At Park Wood we have a stunning 180 acres of land for your guests