First Captain's Report

Steve Semple 1.jpg

Welcome to my first Captains log. First of all I would like to thank all the members who attended the Captains drive-in. It was a fantastic day, it was a wee chilly if you get my drift. Congratulations to all who had won on the day. Now that the weather is starting to show signs of summer the golf course is beginning to bloom and so is my golf.

We played in the winter Suskins league matches were we came fifth, it was the first time I'd represented Park Wood GC and I enjoyed it very much. I would like to thank those members who’d played on the team, Thank you. We now have two further competitions to play in the form of the Yeoman’s Trophy and the North Kent Trophy, those of you wishing to play. Please put your name down on the notice board.

My sponsored charity for this year is Young Epilepsy, which is a national charity wo